Alexandria Day Tour from Cairo

Alexandria is considered to be the second largest city after Cairo and the largest seaport in Egypt, therefore it is one of the most important cities of Egypt and Flying Carpet Tours is giving you the chance to explore many places there even in few day such as our fancy Alexandria Day Tour from Cairo, as Alexandria became a major center of the Hellenistic civilization for approximately 1000 years, therefore you’ll be a witness of it’s great culture, civilization and history, enjoy exploring the spectacular architecture of many historical sites like Cata Combs of el Shoqafa, Alexandria Library and Qaitbay Citadel.

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As well as in our Alexandria Day Trip from Cairo, you will be fascinated by visiting the Cata Comb of Kom El Shoqaga ) is located in the a district that is called Larmouz along to the eastern side of Alexandria, Kom El Shoqafa was the name of this area it also means a pile of shards, enjoy exploring this amazing cemetery with Flying Carpet Tours as it was discovered by a falling donkey drawn cart in a pit, which allow them to explore these Catacombs in the 1900 A.D, they also found animal and human bodies remain and three sarcophagi which seems to be made in a Greco-Roman style, therefore you will get excited during your Day Trip to Alexandria from Cairo, which will make you enjoy visiting the most exciting paces in Alexandria.

Therefore our Cairo Day Tours are including many other places to visit from Cairo not only Alexandria, as Egypt is full of attractions that still stand so far since thousands of years, such as Tour from Cairo to Fayoum , where you will visit the heart of the city to watch the the Water Wheels, which have been running since the Ptolemaic era and that transported water from Bahr Yusef to Medinet El Fayoum. then go to Ain Selein park to live a great moments by watching the marvelous scenery after that you will visit Qarun Lake, which considered in Egypt the third largest lake and one of the oldest natural lakes in the world, as well as Day Trip from Cairo to Al Minya, which you give you the chance to visit Beni Hassan, which has at almost 40 tombs, as these tombs are all situated on the same height and the entrances to the tombs are ‎located on the same plateau. Tour will continue to Tuna El Gabel area, which was located on the western side of Ancient Hermopolis (El-ashmonen), a city that was dedicated to god Toht, god of wisedom, you’ll see the tomb chapel of petosiris and The Christian 5th century basilica, Tour also icludes a visit to Tell Al Amarna, where King Akhenaton and his wife queen Nefertiti founded this city as dedication to the cult of their new god.

So, when you join our Alexandria Day Tour from Cairo, you the largest libraries in the ancient world, it was also dedicated to the goddesses of Arts who were called Muses, therefore you’ll enjoy walking at this huge and charming library with Flying Carpet Tours by taking trips to explore more about the Great Library of Alexandria, moreover there are a lot of papyrus and articles beside these valuable books which belong to the Greek and Pharaonic dynasties, as well as the books and items that belong to the Coptic and Islamic dynasties.

In addition to the amazing Montazah Palace, which is well known for its charming and it was constructed during the first half of the twentieth century, furthermore there’s Al Monatazah Gulf, which is a huge complex that includes about fives beaches which are Cleopatra, Semiramis, beach that belong Helnan Palestine Hotel, Aida and Vanessa, so, you can enjoy a lot of activities in Montazah beside visiting the Palace of Montazah, such as diving, swimming, snorkeling, riding sea boat, waterskiing and exploring the whole charming complex, so, you will get the opportunity to visit the most charming sites in Alexandria beside enjoying its moderate weather with the exciting atmosphere of this marvelous city.

That is why you shouldn’t hesitate to enjoy an exciting trip to Alexandria from Cairo and visit many places such as Catacombs of Kom El-Shuqqafa, Continue your day tour to Alexandria Library; the most famous library in Alexandria. Continue to Pompeys Pillar; huge monolithic columns. Alexandria Day Tour from Cairo also includes a visit to Qaitbay citadel; an important defensive fortress.


Flying Carpet Tours guide will escort you to an amazing Excursion to Alexandria, drive by air-conditioned van to Alexandria, the awesome city, feast your eyes by visiting Cata Comb of Kom El-Shokafa which is a necropolis of 3 sub-levels dating from the 2nd century AD, next excursion to Citadel of Qaitbai, which was a defensive fortress, that was built upon the ruins of the ancient Alexandria lighthouse, which by the 14th century had fallen into ruins due to repeated damage by earthquakes, proceed to the Library of Alexandria, which is a striking piece of modern design that stands in contrast to the ancient architecture in Egypt. It was dedicated to the Muses, the inspirational goddesses of literature, science, and the arts in Greek mythology. It was flourished during the Ptolemaic dynasty and was a major center of scholarship in the 3rd century B.C ., unleash your soul by visiting Montazah Palace, your last visit will be to the Roman amphitheatre (if visit was allowed), relax by having lunch at local restaurant, finally Flying Carpet Tours Guide will escort you back to your hotel in Cairo.


  • ·         Pick up and drop off to your hotel in Cairo
  • ·         Air-conditioned Van Cairo / Alexandria / Cairo
  • ·         Excursion to Alexandria as mentioned at the above program
  • ·         Entrance fees to the above mentioned sites
  • ·         English speaking guide at the sites mentioned above
  • ·         One Lunch at local restaurant in Alexandria
  • ·         Bottle of Mineral Water during Alexandria Excursion
  • ·         All transfers in Cairo and Alexandria by air-conditioned Van
  • ·         All service charges and taxes


  • ·         Visa to Egypt
  • ·         Optional tours not mentioned at the above itinerary
  • ·         Tipping


  • ·         Prices are Quoted per person in U.S. American Dollars


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