Cairo Packages

Cairo and the areas around it have one of the most ancient recorded histories of mankind. The modern city of Cairo was established around the ancient city of Memphis approximately in 3000 B.C. Follow the traces of the Ancient Egyptians and discover the exceptional attractions that date back to the Pharaonic Period through Cairo Package Tour. … More Cairo Packages

Safaga Port Trips

Safaga is a port town located on the coast of the Red Sea that most people pass through. Enjoy the turquoise waters and the excellent offshore reefs with Flying Carpet Tours as we offer amazing Safaga Shore Excursions. The many port cities of Egypt are known for their excellent diving opportunities, take the chance and try … More Safaga Port Trips

Aswan Day Tours

Enjoy the warm weather of Aswan and feast your eyes by the magical beauty of the city where you will get captivated by the gorgeous Nile River flowing through granite rocks and green plants. Experience Aswan Tours with Flying Carpet Tours and get to choose from astonishing day trips to visit the historical attractions in the city … More Aswan Day Tours

Alexandria Port Trips

If your cruise is docking at Alexandria Port, there are a lot of things to do from Alexandria while your cruise is waiting at the port. Experience Alexandria Shore Excursions with Flying Carpet Tours and get unforgettable tours in the Pearl of the Mediterranean and the second capital of Egypt; Alexandria is known for its rich history … More Alexandria Port Trips

Luxor to Aswan Cruises

Explore the endless history of Egypt and choose from amazing luxury Luxor to Aswan Cruises to explore the outstanding monuments located between Luxor and Aswan.  While you are on board your deluxe Nile Cruise you can look around you and see lush greenery along the Nile banks. Suddenly, an ancient Pharaonic temple comes into view and takes … More Luxor to Aswan Cruises

Egypt Vacation Packages

Egypt has always been one of the most popular holiday destinations in the world due to the extraordinary collection of monuments and sightseeing that have survived along 7000 years of civilization. Experience Egypt Tour Packages and choose from variety of amazing programs which cover nearly all the famous destinations in the country. Our Egypt Classic Tours gives you the … More Egypt Vacation Packages

Cairo Alexandria Tours

Discover the best sightseeing in Cairo and Alexandria with Flying Carpet Tours and book amazing Cairo and Alexandria Tours where you will visit two of the most famous cities in the entire world. Unleash your inner exploring the largest city in the Arab world with unbelievable amount of attractions and monuments such as the Giza Pyramids and … More Cairo Alexandria Tours