Pyramids of Giza Tour

When you decide to explore the ancient Egyptian civilization then you should enjoy our amazing Pyramids of Giza Tour, to explore the great three Pyramids of Giza in Egypt that are considered to be one of the most famous monuments all over the world, as Egypt is well known of its amazing Pharaonic pyramids, that was constructed since thousands of years ago, as well as you will be excited with each pyramid that has its own story, so, when you come to Egypt you will explore the pyramids of ancient Egypt through Egypt Pyramids Tour, as you will get back to the time of Pharaohs and know more about the marvelous construction of the Pyramids.


Have fun during your visiting to many landmarks in Egypt, as you will be fascinated with the glory of this ancient civilization that shows to the whole world how powerful was it, as well as it includes the mysterious monuments as the Pyramids of Giza has a mysterious stories for is method of building, which you will hear in our Egypt Pyramids Tour and maybe even go inside these charming pyramids and discover the amazing thoughts that they had during building the construction, as they had thought of every little thing.

As well as with our Tour to Pyramids you will get the opportunity to buy some souvenirs and ancient Egyptian Papyrus during your exploring to the Pyramids of Giza which are including Cheops, Chephren and Mycerinus, and then take remarkable photos beside these pyramids and the great statue of Sphinx, as well as enjoy many exciting activities at the area of the Giza Pyramids, such as trying Riding Camel or Horse.

Moreover when you Visit Pyramids of Giza you will see the amazing knowledge that they have reached, which shed light on the great accomplishment that they had done, therefore Flying Carpet Tours is giving you the opportunity to try many activities in Cairo beside visiting Giza Pyramids, as if you have more than one day you will be able to visit Sakkara and Memphis after exploring our Pyramid Tours, as you will enjoy the Tour to Sakkara and Memphis Pyramid, which are also considered to be one of the important attractions in Egypt because it witnessed an important stage of developing the pyramids in Egypt and shows the amazing thoughts civilization that they had had beside visiting Giza Pyramids and Sakkara Pyramid.

Consequently you will be excited by visiting the fancy Pyramids of Giza and experience a Tourto Bent and Red Pyramid at Dahshur, which are very close to each other in their locations, and they had a great history, as they were constructed by the most famous Phahaonic architect Sneferu and get more information these amazing pyramids.

When you Visit Giza Pyramids which are CheopsChephrenMykerinus then you will have the chance to enjoy visiting the Valley Temple and you will be entertained by watching the beautiful designing of the Valley Temple, as it has a charming designing and there’s a floor that was made of Alabaster and it contain about 23 statues of Chepren but unfortunately just one statue of these statues that was found, for the Valley Temple was very important as it was the main entrance of the complex of the of the Giza Pyramids and it was also used as a connection between the complex and the Nile River by a canal, as well as it was an important part of the funerary complex which includes a mortuary temple and a burial chamber, therefore the Valley Temple is a valuable place.

So, if you keen to know more about the ancient Egyptian civilization and Giza Pyramids then you will be happy with our tours that will make you find out more about the three pyramids of Giza, as the Pyramid of Cheops is one of the most amazing pyramids all over the world as it is one of the seven wonders of the ancient world, as it stands so far after about 4000 years, you will also Chephren Pyramid is considered to be second large pyramid, although this pyramid is smaller than the Pyramid of Cheops but it is appearing to be larger, moreover Mycreinus Pyramid is not similar to the other to pyramids in its decoration and designing, therefore it doesn’t have many drawings and details like them.

As well as Sphinx is one of the fabulous Pharaonic wonders, it was constructed in Giza and located at the entrance of temples to guard the pyramids of Giza and the mysterious monuments inside them, it also consists of about 2,000 limestone blocks, so, you will be astonished by the huge construction of this marvelous statue.

Consequently to explore the ancient Egyptian history you should visit Pyramids of Giza Tour in Cairo, Feel excited during Giza Pyramids Tour, Explore Pyramids of Giza, CheopsChephrenMykerinus, and Sphinx, Pyramids of Giza Tour also includes a visit to Valley Temple. You’ll enjoy dicovering the ancient Egyptian wonders in fancy Cairo Excursions with Flying Carpet Tours.


Flying Carpet Tours guide will escort you to a ravishing tour to Pyramids of Giza, feast your eyes by visiting Pyramids of Cheops, Chephren and Mykerinus, then your guide will take you to panoramic view of the pyramids, memorable photos available to the three pyramids together, next move to the Sphinx, scout the valley temple, then your guide will give you some time for shopping to buy whatever you prefer, finally Flying Carpet Tours Guide will transfer you back to your hotel in Cairo.


  • ·         Pick up and drop off to your hotel in Cairo
  • ·         Excursion to Pyramids of Giza as mentioned at the above program
  • ·         Entrance fees to the above mentioned sites
  • ·         English speaking guide at the above mentioned sites
  • ·         Bottle of Mineral Water during Cairo Excursion
  • ·         All transfers in Cairo by air-conditioned Van
  • ·         All service charges and taxes


  • ·         Visa to Egypt
  • ·         Optional tours not mentioned at the above itinerary
  • ·         Tipping


  • ·         Prices are quoted in U.S. American dollars
  • ·         Extra fees will be applied to enter inside any of the Pyramids


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